Create relevant links to strategic pages of your website

If back links are very important in search engine optimization, the organization of internal mesh of your site is the continuity of your inbound links. A bad internal mesh will not distribute the contribution links from outside. A good internal mesh should help give the link juice to the most important pages of your site and improve your conversion rate if you own an e-commerce site.

The purpose of a blog in a top strategy is to position yourself on interesting keywords for you and guide the user anywhere. The internal mesh has the enormous advantage of being totally controlled unlike backlinks.

Exploiting the keyword long tail

The concept of the long tail refers to keywords that separately attracts few visitors on a website. These keywords are cumulative and can represent a significant share of traffic to a website as a whole.

An article well built with quality content and keywords belonging to the long tail will make you more visible on Google on expressions with a strong conversion rates.

The advantages of a blog

To conclude,

The integration of a system of blog to your website is a real added value for your customers, your prospects for you! Quality content can boost the rankings of your website of your website.

Remember that writing an article to power your blog and increase the visibility of your blog and by extension that of your website. Only downside, writing requires an investment in time, writing skills and patience!

The benefits of a blog (as a website) is measured over time and this requires a perseverance dose.

Working on SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. If you are diligent and if you regularly feed your website with quality content and optimized, you will see the benefits of SEO for your site in the following months.